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A Question for Writers and Magic Players





(Ajani, Mentor of Heroes. Art by Aaron Miller)

How do you write about a game of Magic so that it would be entertaining to read? 

omg recording a game and then writing it would be amazing

I think it could be cool, but I am just stuck on -how- it would be written, you know? 

Clearly, the answer is to write it in full Vorthos.

"Tapping into the memory of a scene most recent, the fruitful and vast plains of Theros, I recalled the image of a man, blessed by the five gods themselves, brazenly presenting the heads of monsters he slew as trophies to each god in turn. In that moment, the very essence of his being came before me - this Soldier of the Pantheon - sword drawn as if an extension of my very will, dark eyes glaring at the foolhardy Planeswalker before me."

Drafting White Black in Khans

With Jeskai Ascendancy combo being a real thing, maybe it’s time for someone to start pulling their own weight around here.

Feline_longmore: If ascendancy doesn’t get the axe in modern I might start a modern deck with it, but the hype is insane right now

For those unaware, Feline Longmore is an astounding Legacy player most notable for piloting High Tide and was even featured in a Washington Post article, She’s super awesome and if you’ve ever watched her play, the efficiency and speed at which she plays a typically slow and complicated combo deck like High Tide is incredibly impressive!

She was just on the Twitch stream chat for the Pro Tour and made this comment. I definitely would like to see her play Ascendancy Combo in Modern!

What I imagine it’s like to be a Control player





people are arguing about socialism and capitalism in the magic the gathering pro tour stream

Liliana of the Veil will be the PTQ participation promo card.


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what are you running? I’ve seen that ascendancy is rather fragile but I’m wondering how well it can hold up

Mardu Aggro. My toughest matchups are lists that run a heavy amount of red burn spells, since I regularly do something like 8 damage a game to myself to pay for the price of an untapped land base. Jeskai Aggro decks are probably going to be the biggest perpetrator of this, but if they become large enough an issue there are definitely more spots I can devote to my sideboard to help.

The main reason that my matchup is so good is because of 4 mainboard Mardu Charms, and some number of Erases and Thoughtseizes out of the sideboard. Crackling Doom mainboard is also fine here, although not ideal.

It’s funny how many people are playing Jeskai Ascendancy Combo on Cockatrice now. Because of this, I’ve also learned that I have an incredibly good matchup against them. 7-1 so far in testing.

Unfortunately, there’s also been an increase in popularity of the Jeskai decks, probably my weakest matchup. Something like 7-6 against that deck.