quincognito whispered: Is every Raid ability an enters-the-battlefield trigger?



Raid non-creature spell, let’s go.


Khans of Tarkir, the block that will forever be remembered as the block where everyone wanted it to have wedges and fetches and then no one thought it would have wedges and fetches and then it totally had wedges and fetches.

Let’s be serious for a moment.


Who ever thought it was a good idea to print these cards:


I mean, what could possibly go wrong?


Another FNM update from last night. There was increased attendance last night, including several new players (which is awesome), as well as prize support including From the Vault: Annihilation for first place. It was five rounds, with a cut in top 4 to play for the From the Vault.

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Custom Card Thursday: These Colors Don’t Run

Welcome back to another wonderful edition of Custom Card Thursday. This week we will be messing around with the Jeskai mechanic: Prowess!


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sarkhan DEFINITELY shops at bad dragon


You are all very welcome.

Just a quick update. Unfortunately between moving, school starting back up, and other miscellaneous real life activities, I haven’t had the time I wanted to devote to writing Meta Monday articles (which is a darn shame since last Monday I spent an hour or two collecting six days of MTGO data and codifying it into an Excel sheet for some meta breakdown, but didn’t actually have the time to write up an article). Hopefully I’ll have something by next Monday!


Special shoutout to all the new college students out there! Anyone starting up their first quarter now or in the next month, welcome to college and I wish you the best. I just wanted to give a couple college mtg reminders:

  1. If you moved to a new town for college, find your closest shop with Wizard’s locator and get involved! College is the time to meet new people, so get started.
  2. Amazon gives college students 6 free months of prime (aka free 2 day shipping and video streaming), so get your Magic cards cheaper or more realistically all the stuff you didn’t realize you’d need now that you’re on your own.
  3. Not magic related, but don’t buy books from your campus bookstore. The entire textbook setup is a monopoly and rip off (your school gets paid to tell you to go buy that $120 calculus book), you can find them used online or a PDF. Ask your professors if an older version of the book is okay, because it usually is and at 10% the price.
  4. Have fun, but don’t forget that you’re there to learn and study. Run the math for yourself, but for my in state fees I calculated that I was paying $20 per 2 hour lecture. May as well go if you’re paying for it…