Friend asked me about seeded deck construction, so thought I’d post my reply here for those interested.

[W]hat’s your general strategy for on-the-spot deck making?

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Just back from my store’s prerelease. Went Mardu, with Crackling Doom as my promo. Overall, I went 4th place with a 4-1-1 record (drawing the final match of the game as my opponent was 4-0-1 and we were both guaranteed top). I believe Dillon, who played Jeskai, had the same record, and was 5th place overall. A double top 8 finish for Friendly Mulligan!

With the last FNM for my deck finishing at a solid 3-1, it’s time to put it to rest (or really, shift several of the cards, namely Godless Shrines and Pack Rats, over to Modern). For something I brewed from scratch, the deck continually over-performed and was honestly a joy to pilot, with plenty of room for heavy skill-reliant decisions.

For those curious, my matchups where

  • 2-1 Simic Infinite Turns
  • 2-1 Boros Burn
  • 1-2 Mono-White Weenies
  • 2-0 Red Devotion

Time to get ready for prerelease tomorrow! Mardu Horde, represent! I’ve also been working on a Mardu list for Khans standard that I’ve playtested a dozen or so different matchups with, but I’d like to tune that deck more before I post anything.


It could be a boat.


"Tales from the Pit" #860

Out of all the Tales from the Pits, this has got to be the most amusing one I’ve read so far.



Scott M. Fischer’s Serra Avenger and Telling Time/Time Stop

Serra Avenger is probably one of my favorite Angel arts in MTG.

strymon whispered: Could we get Circus World onto the shortlist?


I’ve tried. The creative team isn’t a fan.

Art is our first language. We all read it, and many of us could draw something before we could describe it. But somewhere along the line, many of us became afraid to write it, either because we were intimidated, told it was a waste of time, or simply have gotten rusty. But it’s in there. In everyone.
Steve ArgyleMagic Artist (via theartofmtg)


October is a month away?




The famous Sean Plott aka Day[9] managed to win the first Khans of Tarkir prerelease!

After the community cup, the community team got to do a sealed pre-prerelease and despite going up against a field of pros Day[9] went ahead to win it all.