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Surprised to see GW Aggro take the open, especially with 0 unflinching courage and 0 temple of plenty. Looking at the list though, why do you think it needed 24 land? Also, what purpose is hunt the hunter serving?

With 15 cards that are 3+ CMC, in addition to the deck seemingly wanting to hit that perfect curve from 1-drop, 2-drop, 3-drop, 4-drop, 24 lands seem just about right. I’m sure it could probably get away with 23, but I wouldn’t run anything lower than that.

I’m not sure of the exact purpose of Hunt the Hunter, but I imagine it acts as both a removal spell and pump against the mirror mainly, with maybe some applications against Green Devotion and Monsters.

Meta Monday

In the first of hopefully a series of weekly articles, we’re going to discuss the two recent Star City Games Opens, analyze the results, and see what this means for the remaining months until rotation at Khans of Tarkir.

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"why should i play Magic?"


Is this a reason or an action taken in response to the question?


For anyone interested, I wrote a pretty lengthy analysis of my Standard  Orzhov Tokens over at /r/spikes, the competitive-oriented Magic subreddit.

Also, look forward to Meta Monday where I write about… um, something. Meta things. Things about the Meta. Probably Standard, because that’s what I know best.

god bless the red white and blue

Introducing: Hidden Gem Saturday!

Heyo everyone! It’s time for the debut of Friendly Mulligan’s second weekly article, featuring some EDH/Commander goodness!

Last Thursday I kicked off the first off three weekly blurbs here on Friendly Mulligan with Custom Card Thursdayand today I will start another new segment: Hidden Gem Saturday.

This blurb will focus on finding lesser-known EDH bombs from the pool of thousands and thousands of cards. With that said, I am proud to present my first EDH hidden gem: Parallax Wave.


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And finally, the official name for the RUG wedge, Temur!


The MARDU value the speed of the dragon!

And here it is! The official name for the best wedge, Dega (RWB)!


The SULTAI respect the ruthlessness of dragons!

The official name for the BUG wedge (though their leader appears to be a snake man)!